I hope this is the right thread. I sent money order priority mail USPS to the buyer, and the tracking says it’s late but not there. It doesn’t seem lost, just late. Will I be penalized for USPS’s error? I literally sent it the next day, the worker there assured me it would make it in time.

I am in fear that I may be penalized. What is my next best step? Do I open mediation now or wait for trade to end?

of course do not open mediation, and do nothing unless it’s the seller opening it.
I suppose you can prove to him that you indeed sent the uspmo the day after, so unless he is maliciously after your money, he should be okay in waiting a little more.
If mediation is opened, you can still play your cards with the mediator, show proof of early sending and hope the mediator takes your side with a 0 penalty

Awesome, thank you so much. So it seems it’s best to avoid mediation. :slight_smile:

it always is… when you can safely complete the trade between peers