UX & UI Design

Guys -

Let me know if I can assist with user interface design work for the project. I think this project is very interesting and would like to support the community as much as possible. I am based in Atlanta, GA USA and have been working as a creative director for top agencies and brands all over the world and would like to help out. I see some immediate improvements that we could make that could streamline the user experience and hopefully drive adoption of the platform.



Hey Ryan, thanks for reaching out. To get the ball rolling, could you share a bit about some of the improvements you have in mind?

A few ideas I have for improvements:

  • Overall architecture flow enhancements through the experience
  • Order book enhancement & account creation
  • Product enhancements like easing the barrier to entry, I would like to explore how we can onboard new users easier.
  • Material UI design elements to improve the look and feel of the graphics

I’d like to discuss with you guys what you have on your product roadmap to assist along the way as well. Great project, I’m impressed with how far it’s come!

@hyperphase I’m in :slight_smile:

I’m a product guy in ecommerce & b2b platform, hope I can help.

Loop me in too, would love to consult a bit and advise as possible

Also a UX / UI guy. Let me know where I can help out!

@patch: I’ve replied to you already in another thread :slight_smile:

Hi @hyperphase, @tai & @gabriel!

Thanks for reaching out to us! A great first step would be, if you could walk through following two click-prototypes and leave your comments on the current state of the client. Please enter the conversation and point out everything you don’t like or would do differently.

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After that feel free to join the #ux channel on slack (https://bisq.network/slack-invite) to keep the conversation going :slight_smile:



Thanks for the Slack link Christoph!

I’ll join and continue the conversation there.

I have many ideas on ways we can improve the overall flow and experience.