V0.8.0 login key

When logged out of new version and back in day later no login password request just new account

When you look at the Funds tab, did your wallet address change, or it is still the same ?
When you look at Settings/Network info, did your onion address change, or it is still the same ?

Whole account blank wants new to open new acconut. Was in dispute when it happend

History returned but not bitcoin or dispute after wallet restore

To see your bitcoins, go in Settings/Network info and click “delete SPV file and resync”.
You may have to restart the appli, even twice.

If you made a backup, that would be the simplest solution here.
I don’t think we have information here to find out what happened, especially because I assume that your whole data directory somehow disappeared, taking the log file with it.

Did you by any chance move your data directory somewhere?
On Linux data directory is at “~/.local/share/Bisq” for example. If you removed that directory or moved somewhere else, it would make sense for your app to act that way, as if it was running for the first time.

No just shut down when opened it it was gone but updated to v 0.80

Now history gone again

Should I turn wallet password off

Are you using Windows by any chance?
Maybe your antivirus software is deleting the data directory for some reason?

I am using windows 10

I’ve now got funds history but no bitcoin or dispute

The last transaction is the one before dispute. I know trade id of dispute transaction if that helps

Sorry, no, I have no idea what could be going on with your installation.
Do you have any antivirus installed?

I have firewall switched off

It might not be due to firewall, maybe an antivirus application is literally deleting your Bisq files.
I can’t think of anything else that would make your account just disappear like that without files getting deleted in the data directory.