VC Tokens (BCAP) - Opportunity for Bitsquare

The BCAP ICO was yesterday and sold out a fast.

At the moment, everyone’s BCAP tokens are locked up in tokenhub, but as soon as they’re available for withdrawal the will be lots of people looking to trade them, and no exchanges yet.

For legal reasons, my understanding is that only non-US investors will be able to sell to other non-US investors, making it hard for traditional exchanges to offer trading of these tokens.

If added to Bitsquare, it could become the only exchange for these tokens.

Seems like a golden opportunity.

You can find the info on adding an altcoin to Bitsquare here

I’m not affiliated with it at all. Just thought it would be a good opportunity for Bitsquare to look into since it had large public interest and its lack of exchange support.

There are dozens of new ICOs every month. Almost none of them are a “golden opportunity”. If the devs fill in the details it may be considered.

Sure, but this is the first token launched by a major Silicon Valley venture capital firm, with backing from Tim Draper and the likes. Look into it.

If no one working on Bitsquare thinks this is an opportunity to grow your community, you’re mistaken.