Version 0.6.3 released

Version 0.6.3 is released:

This release fixes with timeouts at tx broadcast and improves P2P network data redundancy.
Please update as soon as possible!

Release notes:

  • Add timeout handler for tx broadcaster
  • Change broadcast policy parameters: Min required connections: 4; broadcast to all connected nodes; wait to hear back from 2 nodes to complete broadcast call (or timeout triggers complete handler).
  • Revert change in 0.6.2 for disconnecting from seed node after reaching 6 connections
  • Request initial data from several seed nodes instead of only one for more redundancy
  • Optimize fee estimation policy for taker
  • Add new altcoins: DeepOnion, WILD Token
  • Deactivate stream isolation (hidden service are stream isolated by default)
  • Fix wrong year at backup file name
  • Fix NullPointer exception at seed word restore if data is not set
  • Suppurt cmd+Enter shortcut for sending a dispute message
  • Fix UI bugs (duplicate currency entries, not filtering edited currency list)
  • Improve logs
  • Improve seed node monitor
  • Use different popup for Zcoin with instruction to only use transparent addresses
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