Wait for blockchain confirmation

“You need to wait for at least one blockchain confirmation before starting the payment”

My role “XMR seller as maker”
I can only make the payment in XMR to buy the bitcoins after confirmation from the blockchain, it has been two days and has not yet confirmed.
In the “deposit transaction ID” field I opened the explorer and the transaction fee is very low 24.30 satoshi / vByte, with a value of 0.00005664 BTC.
How long should I wait? Or will the trade be canceled?

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Unfortunately, I think you have to wait until the deposit transaction is confirmed. It is frustrating when the offer is placed when fees are low only for then to spike suddenly and stay high.

Hopefully the trade will confirm before the deposit transaction is dropped from the mempool. If that happens then trade will be cancelled.

Check a node explorer and if the tx was indeed confirmed (block space demand has been reduced lately so it your tx should have been included into a block) do a SPV resync.