Waiting for a dispute to be closed and btc released to Buyer

admin can you please look at trade # : 42860

this dispute was suppost to be closed on april 5th. Its still showing on my interface and im worryed the buyer has not received his bitcoins. I have received the Alt coins already.

can you please close this trade and finalise the dispute.

Bisq is P2P so there is no particular person that can look up or control the outcome of your trades. Bisq is private and decentralized like that.

You can look at your trade to see the onion address of your arbitrator and post it here, as he will know what is going on with the dispute process.

it was ‘re-closed this morning’.

Thanks guys, all done.

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You can cross check if the payout was done when clicking in the trade details the deposit tx and if its spent it was paid out.

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ah i never thought of that. It was ‘stuck’ in the dispute stage even though the dispute was already resolved. Ill keep that in mind for future trades. thanks