Waiting for blockchain confirmation for more than three hours

More than 3 hours ago I made a sale of BTC but the transaction is waiting for blockchain confirmation!
Should I worry?:confused:

Try to navigate your way to find a bitcoin transaction of your trade in the Bitsquare client. Than you can check at a online block explorer to see if it got to the network and is everything ok. You can also use viabtc’s transaction accelerator. You might want to use the tor browser for this to protect your privacy and be a bit more sure that those bitcoin’s don’t link to your IP address.

This does not work. It remains unchanged. What can I do?

Please Help!:worried:

So, the fee’s on the low side. The network’s congested atm. You can either wait a couple of hours (to days). if your tx isn’t confirmed at some point, the funds will stay and be spendable again in your wallet.

No worries, they are not lost.

If you need the funds sooner, you can put the txID, numbers and letters next to ‘Transaction’ in your screenshot, into viabtcs tx-accelerator. If you add the tx successfully, it will be included in the next block that viabtc mines. This can take from minutes to hours.

Tip for now:
Determine the necessary tx fees here: https://bitcoinfees.21.co/
In Bitsquare go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Settings’ - Under ‘General preferences’ you can find the option to adjust the fees.

The next version of Bitsquare will have dynamic tx fees, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Hi, it’s fixed. I used tx-accelerator. Thank you very much for your patience with a new user.