Waiting for funds....forever...I’m doing something wrong

First timer here so please be patient… i have barely added a zelle account and I am trying to fund my account. “Buy btc” has a spinning circle that says “waiting for funds” and it’s been doing that for over 10 minutes. When I go to “funds/receive funds“, it just shows an address that says 0 balance with a label of “unused”. The only option on this screen that is offered to me is “generate new address”. How do I fund my wallet with zelle account?

You may fund the wallet with the minimum BTC needed to take or make an offer. Zelle is for payments with your counterparty. Remember this is a P2P exchange. Clear enough?

You mean in order to use BISQ we must obtain bitcoin some other way? We cannot begin buying btc through a national currency?

Yes, because Bisq cannot hold fiat.

Omg I have been thinking this whole time that you can purchase btc with fiat!!

@Robz you can buy bitcoin with fiat, but doing such a trade requires traders on both sides to send bitcoin to a multisig escrow. If you don’t already have the small amount of bitcoin needed to do this, you’ll need to acquire some away from Bisq first.

See here for an overview of the trade process.