Waiting for my bitcoin the btc seller hasn't confirmed my payment?

I’ve already been waiting 3 days and I have sent my payment through SEPA and the BTC seller still hasn’t confirmed my payment??? I’m a bit worried that I will lose my money, I have checked with the bank and everything and the payment has gone through. SO he already has my money I just don’t have the bitcoin that I bought yet.

There is nothing to worry about. The bitcoins are locked in the multisig and in the worst case scenario that the other party doesn’t confirm the payment, arbitrator will release it for you once you provide him with the proof of your payment.

You should be patient until the trade period is over, the other trader might not be online for whatever reason or there could have even be a simple bug in the software which would be resolved very quickly as the other trader would confirm your payment in his communication with the arbitrator.

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Bank and credit union transfers in the US can take 5-6 days, so just be patient.