Waiting for response of blockchain

I bought BTC as a maker 16.12.2020 and have not received a confirmation from blockchain yet. ID itvazdn6-1cda28ce-148e-4e00-9f40-1218e8f7dc8b-151 Is it fail of BISQ? Also deposit transaction ID has disappeared today.

There’s three options:

  1. Deposit transaction is not confirmed because it paid low fees, and is waiting on the mempool to be included when required fees are lower.
  2. Deposit transaction is confirmed but Bisq did not update that info. Do a spv resync.
  3. Deposit transaction was not broadcasted. Then it’s better that you go to Keybase for further steps and sharing personal info.

You need to look for the deposit tx at a block explorer. For 1 and 2, the transaction will appear. For 3, it will say something like “transaction not found”.