Waiting for seller's confirmation

First time Bisq user here. I sent a Zelle payment to the seller shortly after the trade began. The seller hasn’t confirmed the payment and now it has been 2 days… Is this normal?

On a different note: it is possible that the seller is incentivized to delay the completion when the BTC market price is in downturn or fluctuating. Is there any mechanism to incentivize both parties to complete transactions as quick as possible?

It is possible that it is this issue https://forum.bisq.io/t/one-side-wait-until-payment-has-started-and-the-other-wait-until-payment-arrived/3002 , but it could be due to the other trader.

There isn’t really an incentive to keep the trades faster, other then the fact that you can remember the traders that were fast in your past trades and prefer them in the future. Security deposit will compensate in case the max trade period runs out.

There is a known bug where the confirmation messages don’t arrive. Or the traders was just not online is is delayed with the confirmation. After the trade period is over you can open a dispute if not completed by then. The Seller has no incentive to delay as he cannot cancel the trade anymore. The buyer has a higher security deposit which is in place to avoid that he does no start the Fiat transfer if price moves against him. He would lose his deposit in such cases.