Waiting for seller's payment confirmation

I’ve been waiting for seller’s payment confirmation and would like to know what happens to my security deposit if I have to contact an arbitrator.

Unfortunately (stupidly) I accepted the default value of security deposit which is higher than the amount I wanted to buy, so if I lose my security deposit in order to get my satoshis I’ll have less than before. ;-(



Don’t worry, your security deposit will be returned to you if you did nothing wrong.
Security deposit only gets taken and given to the other trader if the user breaks the rules, as not sending the funds.

The bigger the security deposit, the bigger the security is for both traders and you risk nothing if you follow the simple rules of Bisq :slight_smile:

If the seller doesn’t confirm the payment by the end of the trade period, then you can open a dispute by clicking a button that will appear.

Thanks for you reply.

So if I have to open a dispute and I submit evidence that I paid, I’ll get what I paid for? Or does the seller still have to confirm the receipt of the bank transfer?

Yes, you will be paid for your troubles as well from their security deposit, if it was their fault. Seller doesn’t have to do anything if he doesn’t want to, this is why arbitrators exist, to solve these issues. But if everything goes as planned, arbitrator can never get involved, traders will successfully unlock their coins with 2-or-3 multisig keys.

Thx very much. This was very helpful and I see there’s no reason to worry.

I finally started reading the white paper, where everything is described in detail. Should have done that before… :wink: