Waiting on Blockchain - AUS

Hello, hoping someone can assist. First time buying Bitcoins through Bitsquare through National Bank Transfer.

I read in BitSquares FAQ’s that purchasing is usually a 10 minute process.

I am slightly worried as it has been stuck on “Wait for blockchain confirmation” for over half an hour now.
Does anybody know if this is normal? Apologies if this has been covered somewhere else.

Many thanks!

have tried re-started the app?

Yes, have tried that. Still says “Wait for blockhain confirmation”, unfortunately.

Might have to wait it out if there’s a lot of unconfirmed transactions on the bitcoin blockchain.
Hope it confirms soon…and you have a better experience after that :wink:

That’s a shame… Okay, thanks for your help.

Next Bitsquare version will have dynamic or flexible fees. This should solve the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. Delays don’t affect security of the trades, though.

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looks like I have three deals running now which have not been confirmed over more than a day due to blockchain traffic

the Bitcoin blockchain seems to clean up from congestion

Due to the relative short deal time limit of 24hrs I had three support cases - two initiated by peers and one by me - I think if it would be possible to set the deal time limit in the settings it could help to prevent support cases in this kind of situations

Yes I am aware of that unfortunate situation. Luckily it happens not too often. In the next release it will be fixed.
The peers don’t need to open a dispute. Only as soon as one peer has open a dispute the normal trade process is halted and the arbitrator is required to unlock the funds.

Thanks Guys. Took a few days, but transfer went smoothly in the end. Great platform!