Waiting on blockchain confirmation no unconfirmed transactions


So I put up an offer to buy bitcoin which was taken under Trade ID:
My maker fee shows as confirmed on bisq client trade details and has more than 100 confirmations on blockchain explorer.
The taker fee does not show as confirmed on bisq client trade details. When I look at it on blockchain explorer the taker fee transaction does have more than 100 confirmations but it also has many outputs suggesting it has already gone elsewhere.

My BTC which was used for a deposit is now available again in my Bisq client available balance but the trade is also still present under open trades.

When I search for help for this most results tell me to look for unconfirmed trades in my own funds/transactions but I don’t have any and I don’t think it’s my funds that are the problem.

So what went wrong?
Is the trade cancelled?
Can I make a new offer with my funds or are they still locked up?

Edit: should have mentioned the payment method was faster payments and it has now been over 36 hours so maybe payment has expired

Edit 2:
Hi Manfred,

Thank for responding
I can’t reply at the moment because my account is temporarily on hold

Maker Fee Transaction ID: 2b8f010adc278d0e12b9cad161e0a2848013a350a727edf03a1f25af1df91960
Taker Fee Transaction ID:
Deposit was 0.01BTC


Can you post the 2 fee txs and the deposit tx and a screenshot of your open trades screen? Seems the trade failed in a strange way.

Hi Manfred,

Thank for responding

Maker Fee Transaction ID:

Taker Fee Transaction ID:
Deposit was 0.01BTC

EDIT: tried to fix the multiple uploads

Both fee transactions did not end up in the deposit tx:

So your funds are at your wallet.

Try to restart and see if the failed trade gets removed. If not then you can remove a file from the data directory. Make a backup before then got to:
… path to data dir… /Bisq/btc_mainnet/db/ and remove the PendingTrades file (if u dont have other open trades).

Thanks Manfred,

Is there some specific cause other than the taker just didn’t deposit funds?
Anything I should be doing to avoid this in future?


Seems a trade message did not arrive so the take offer process failed in the last step. That can happen if network connection breaks just in the wrong moment (or peer went offline).