Waiting on confirmation

Kinda new at this… I placed a buy offer and it was accepted, deposit transaction ID was made but now I’ve been waiting for a blockchain confirmation for over 24hrs.

It says it’s been seen by 1 peer but nothing else. Is there something wrong with the software? Is it sitting in the mempool waiting to be picked up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Normally, it is okay, currently miner fees are quite high, so your transaction might be stuck in the mempool for some time. You may check the status of your transaction in any other block explorer to make sure the bisq is indicating everything correctly.

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Ok thanks. I see it’s unconfirmed in the block explorer. Hopefully it gets confirmation today.

i have the same problem. it’s been over 2 days now.

Some mempools remove transactions after 72h, use a blockchain explorer to know if your transaction is still broadcasted.

It’s confirmed on the block chain. But it didn’t update in Bisq. So I did a SPV resync and now the deposit transaction ID has disappeared?

Go to Keybase to share and check your deposit tx. https://keybase.io/team/bisq