Wallet Bisq<->Electrum

I want to start and buy a few mBTC, then I need some mBTC I have on electrum wallet. It’s possible to ‘import’ that wallet into Bisq? if yes: how? then the opposite should be possible as well, isn’t?

Not really. You can simply send your funds to the Bisq wallet from Electrum and vice versa.
Technically you could export your private keys from Bisq and import them into Electrum later, but that is not a recommended security practice unless you have to other choice.

but in this way I will always incur in mining cost each time I send from one to the other, isn’t?

Yes, I know.
It is a bummer, but that is a more secure way really.

Mining fees shouldn’t be high right now though.

I don’t understand why or how this way could be more secure, it’s me transferring the keys with myself on the same computer, where is the possibility for the fail?
Mind you clarify?

Screen grabbers, clipboard malware, etc.

It’s also just easier and simpler to build software that way instead of trying to support every Bitcoin wallet.

It is just my opinion of course.

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