Wallet not displaying BTC after restore account backup

Hi, I’m very new to this and have already learnt a lot from this forum and the community, thank you. I need a little more advice to get me going so really hope someone can spare a few minutes. I messed up my password and the first restore failed because I lost the GUI and got an error describing null key pairs so ended up restoring using original seed words onto another computer.

Anyway got the GUI back on my other laptop and copied over the account directory and restored the old wallet but still, I can’t see my BTC in the fund’s area. It’s only a small amount, a single transaction to cover trading but I can’t seem to get it to show. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?

I’m keen to learn from others especially when I’m making these early mistakes. Many thanks Jo

Perhaps it is GUI that is not showing the correct balance.
Have you tried the emergency wallet tool? You can open it with cmd+e.

Hi Alex, Thank you for taking the time, much appreciated, the emergency balance says zero balance. I think the problem is that I made the transaction at 01.33am from my hardware wallet and when I look at the account dir backup the last back up seems to be at 0.45am. After transferring funds should I have done a backup or does it just happen when you close bisq down?

I also have this ‘null key pairs’ thing going on. when I copy the old account dir onto the new install i get the same ‘can’t have null key pairs’ error. I have put that on github with the log file.

I guess I messed up maybe I just chalk it up and start over and remember to do my back-ups?

No, there shouldn’t be backup needed after each transaction. Only thing that matters when it comes to your funds is the wallet. You should try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and restarting the app two times.

If that doesn’t work, perhaps it would be easier to just export the private keys by removing the wallet password,restarting the app and pressing alt+j.

Also keep in mind that if you had any open trades when you restored the wallet, these funds might still be locked in a multisig. I assume that your old wallet was from Bisq version that came after v0.5, as that is when the wallet structure changed and restoring to a new Bisq version wouldn’t work.

Thanks for taking the time, that helps.