Wallet Only

Hi, I don’t want to trade. All I want is a secure wallet.

I am not a computer tech and was unable to update the app ? Whatever the message was explaining how, I could not remember when I closed the message window so I could not update. Being asked to check the file before installing … hahaha not me that’s for sure, but again, my goal is to have a secure wallet to hold my digital coin. Why can’t the update just happen automatically ?

Why do I need a trade account to buy BTC when all I need to do is provide my wallet address ? Why can’t I select make an offer to pay for BTC via cash ? Again, why do I need a trade account ? Again I do not want to trade.

Why do I need to worry about the following if the wallet resides on the blockchain ?? Who cares what happens to the computer … I would just download disq to another computer and put in my password … yes ?

There are basically 3 kinds of problems which occur sometimes:

  • corrupted spv or wallet file - why would I need to care about this ?
  • wallet balance is not as expected - Blockchain maintains yes ?
  • a bug has caused some inconsistency in the internal wallet database - again doesn’t block chain maintain ?

Why do I need to care about the above issues?

Is bisq the ideal place if all you need is a secure wallet ? I do like the idea that I am not on a sever yet I am not the person if I am required to maintain computer integrity. Since I am not a computer wiz and I do not want to trade but I do want a digital wallet is there somewhere better is safe and secure.

Thank you.

I recommend you to use Electrum, but there’s a bunch of Bitcoin wallets to chose. Bisq is not included because Bisq wallet main purpose is to allow trades on Bisq, thw wallet would be removed if it was possible to get rid of it.
Using Bisq as your main wallet is not the best choice, it’s a heavy wallet with very little functions.

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