Wallet problem + Connection to the bitcoin network failed because of an error : org.bitcoinj.wallet.UnreadableWalletException: Wallet contains Duplicate trasnaction


How do I restore from one of those backup files in the screenshot? The file I had from Januray was an entire copy of the Bisq folder in Appdata and I just saved a copy of the current Bisq in Appdata and replaced it, but these don’t look like the full folder?


The last backup that works is from 05.10.18 @ 7:41 am. All the others are corrupt and say duplicate transactions. I have lost all the bitcoins associated with those sale orders!!


if i take the last transaction from my history it was a sale order for .05 and here is the transaction. My question is who is address “1BMj…” and why have the coins not been returned to my bisq wallet? Where did those bitcoins go?


Please make a SPV resync at settings/network. The old wallet will miss probably txs. After the resync your tx history and balances should be as expected. You can cross check with cmd+e to see the internal wallet balance. It has to be the sum of available+reserved for offers balance in the UI. I assume you dont have open trades. If you have open trades there might be problems but you can continue and if there problems it will end in a dispute and the arbitrator will do then the payout. So if u get a bug in the trade process you can open a dispute with cmd+o.


@ManfredKarrer - The last time my wallet worked properly I had all my BTC in open trades. I was able to resync the SPV and hit cmd+e and see the total balance I should have. It said I could deposit the coins to a BTC address that I provide and I went to do this and my password will not work. This is confusing to me because in order to open the wallet I had to use my password.


Did you forgot your password? You have to take care you cannot mix an old wallet with newer data directory as the database files need to be in sync.


I have .75 BTC coins I can’t get to. If I send you my seed and all the backups I have I will pay you .1 of that .75. You can just send me .65 when you get it to work.


No need to pay me…


I got it working, I can’t believe it!! Not sure what I did I just kept trying different backups and it synced up, I was even able to confirm the $910 transaction it only have 4 hours left before arbitration.

Manfred Thanks for your help!


Good to hear!