Wallet problem + Connection to the bitcoin network failed because of an error : org.bitcoinj.wallet.UnreadableWalletException: Wallet contains Duplicate trasnaction

since I have had 3 disputes closed in my favour my bisq wallet has crashed with 3+ btc stuck there.

When i try to open bisq im greeted with an error message "

how do I resolve this error and sweep my wallet ?

i can close this error message but it wont load the bisq software. when i do command + E it shows 0 btc in the balance.

Don’t worry, as long as you have your seed words your funds are safe.

You can always restore your wallet in another Bisq installation, or in a wallet like Electrum with your seed words.

If you have a Bisq backup, this could also be an easy way to restore your Bisq data to a new Bisq installation.

PS: You could send Manfred a PM with your log file so he can investigate the issue.

I’m having the exact same issue, but I have all my funds currently in open orders so my funds aren’t in my local wallet on bisq? What to do?

i got my funds out of that bisq wallet in the end. I restored the seed to another bisq installation and did the emergency wallet withdraw . ( Command + E)

Im not sure how you will need to proceed.

Maybe @ManfredKarrer can help us out here.

Restoring from seed words probably wouldn’t help too much here until we know what you need to do after you recover your private keys to complete the trades.

Ok, thanks! Hoping Manfred can help.

I was thinking if I waited three days and the transactions failed then my coins would be released, but they are in orders and haven’t been accepted. How am I suppose to get my bitcoins back? This is a huge flaw in bisq!!

You mean they are reserved in offers, but no one has taken them?

If this is the case your funds never left your wallet, they are still there, just reserved for a trade.
They only get lost in a multisig once the other trader has taken your offer and the trade has started.

In this case you would still be able to simply restore from seed words in another Bisq installation or a wallet like Electrum.

People are sending money to my bank account, but i can’t log in to my wallet to confirm the zelle

I have over 10 orders in for sales if what you say is true then I will simply install another wallet from seed to recover them. However, how do I confirm the zelle already sent? Maybe I should re-zelle back to original sender and maybe he will understand what is going on? I have no way of speaking to the arbitrator? But this means I lost my bitcoins?

I don’t know how to tell the guy that I can’t confirm his $ zelle send. It was for 910.16 it has happened in the last day or so. I can’t see his info to email him or call him??

If someone is sending you money over Zelle, then those offers must be taken.
Trader wouldn’t be able to see your bank details before he takes the offer and the trade starts, so ignore my previous reply.

Seems the wallet file got corrupted at saving. If you have a backup you can use the wallet file from there and delete the spv file. If not, try to restore it with the seed words. If you have no seed words stored you can try to use one of the rolling backup files inside btc_mainnet/wallet/backup inside the data directory. They are named by timestamp so the oldest might have best chance to be one of the intact wallets.
Make a backup before doing anything, just in case.

i downloaded a new bisq wallet and entered my seed words and nothing is happening?

Have you tried restarting your Bisq client?

If you did, try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and restarting the app twice.

I"m not able to do that because the wallet will not open. It just gives me that error. I restored from an old backup and it synced up my wallet, but the 10 sell orders I put in are not there an my bitcoins associated with those orders are not there.

Check out that history. I had one bitcoin in my wallet after the .86 deposit. The .05, .05 and .10 were sale orders that happened successfully. Actually the .10 I was never able to say complete so I don’t know if that guy got his coins, but I have his money via zelle at 910.16. All the other micro transactions were the fees to set up sale orders for .05 for each of those. I set up 14 sale orders for .05 bitcoins each and they are gone?!

The history you are seeing in the picture is from a backup that I took in January and it refreshed up to what you see here. I was not able to get the wallet to open again after the error first appeared.

I just want to know if it’s possible to get my bitcoins back?

Here is a list of the files in btc_mainnet/wallet/backup, but what do I do with them. I have my seed word, but when I type it in a fresh copy of bisq and hit restore it just sits there.

I don’t know.
It is quite weird that you can’t restore from your seed words on a fresh Bisq install.

Perhaps try a different computer?