Wallet recovery

I have a question about recovering a bitsquare wallet. I installed bitsquare on a different machine and I tried to recover the BTC balance and transactions using the words and the date, but it didn’t seem to work. The balance shows 0btc and no active offers.

What can be actually recovered using the words and the date?

You need to move the whole data directory. See https://forum.bitsquare.io/t/switching-to-a-new-data-directory/1697/3

Hi. After recovering my wallet with a backup from 3 months ago, I can see only part of my portfolio history, and only part of my balance. I can see my correct balance by pressing CTRL-e and I can see the same balance on a ledger nano wallet (after using bisq wallet seed).

My question is: is there any way to recover my actual portfolio history?

No the change to v 0.5 was a huge change of the data structures and migrating all the old data would have been quite a bit of extra effort. Sorry. Was the first such “hard fork” since 18 months.

Thank you Manfred. But … my backup is from 26th-July-2017. I guess this date is after the huge change of the data structures you are describing … is not there a way to recover my complete portfolio history with this backup (and the seed)?

Depends which version you used.
But anyway you only can export your trades/tx list but not import, so even if u had 0.5 and changed the app directory you cannot import the old data. Only payment account supports data import. Maybe some dev wants to work on that…