Want to get 10x more trades?

The Bisq network is powerfully decentralised and as far as I can understand, this means that we need to keep it open to maintain our offers online.
Is anyone interested in adding an automation feature that allows us to get trading on autopilot?

For ex. you keep Bisq running on a VPS and it will maintain your offers online, accepts trading offers based on certain criterias and then do trades with your own terms. All on AUTOPILOT :grinning:

A better idea is to add to Bisq a VERY SIMPLE crypto exchange website / web interface that allows anybody to trade Crypto with us even is they don’t have Bisq.
This would open our offers to the ENTIRE WEB since the crypto exchange website can accessed from any basic browser

+1 if you like to idea :slight_smile:

Any suggestions are welcome !

P.S: Fiat to Crypto trade can be made with the API of any payment processor

Bisq API is in development for quite some time now. I hoped it would be finished by v1.0.0 ,but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

With the API working you should be able to do all of the above pretty easily.

I am not sure who is currently working on it, but if you are more interested in the progress of the development, you can come to Slack to ask the devs more about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know that the API can help us do almost anything imaginable
However, Bisq has a major weakness ( or strength depending on the use case) which is it’s reliance on TOR.
Adding a simple non-TOR public web interface (in addition to the API) would simply remove this weakness.
This would make Bisq adoption irresistible :100:

Tor: 4 Million users

Internet: ~3.9 Billion users

I don’t see how usage of Tor can be a problem at all for adoption.
Users don’t need to know about Tor in order to use Bisq. Tor does it’s job completely under the hood in Bisq.

Having a web interface would defeat the point of Bisq, which is decentralization and privacy.