Wanted to buy few BTC but it's complicated

I wanted to buy few BTC (50€). Only to see how Bisq work.
But it’s impossible to buy such small amounts on Bisq. And the few sellers who offer such small amounts that often sell their Bitcoin 20% (or even more) above the current market price.
So I tried to create my own offer and see the following in the picture.
Numerous fields where I have no idea what belongs there now.

I wanted only to buy BTC for 50€.

Hi ! @nwo2030 try to add how munch bitcoin you want in “Amount bitcoin” & 0.00% in “Bellow % from market” the rest should be fill by itself.

atm it’s 0,00117 BTC = 50 EUR

Noone will sell you BTC at 0% sepread for that amount with the current mining fees because they will have to pay mining fees for about 10EUR. That’s why you don’t see many offers for amounts under 100 or 200 EUR and they ask a high premium, because it becomes too expensive with this mining fee prices.

@nwo2030 You can estimate there how munch it will cost to buy BTC.

So if you want to buy small amount try to take those “estimation” & “fees” in check
Bisq usually go with ~20min block on SegWit.