Warning - Deposit transaction is null or has unexpected input count

Third trade on bisq here.

I just received this error message twice, for 2 open sell order that got matched by a buyer.
It says to get assistance from a mediator.

I already have accepted both payment (Interac e-transfer), since I got the notification on bisq notification mobile app (was not in front of my computer to see this error)
So now I am wondering what to do with this error, I got the payment so I could confirm the trade, but would still like to get confirmation from support on why I had this, it seems like a bug ?

Also I am on latest version v.1.7.3, Ubuntu

I could open (with control + o) a mediatator request but I am afraid it will cancel the trade (I accepted the money)
Still got until September 17 to figure out what to do with this

both trade id, I would like to get help before the expiration in 14hrs please


I confirmed both, everything seems ok
would be nice to fix these message, it make it stressful for no reason if the trade works? Thanks

FYI: https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/issues/5494

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