Warning message when i launch Bisq

Bisq gives me the " Warning: We did not receive a filter object from the seed nodes. This is not expected situation. Please inform the Bisq developers. " warning message. It also says “No seed nodes available”. What should i do?

Hi sorry for the issue you are experiencing.

I would recommend posting the bug here: Issues · bisq-network/b

Then one of the devs would be able to assist.

I have not seen that issue before.

A few things you could try are:

  • Restarting Bisq
  • Connecting to Bisq from another internet connection

I’m seeing the very same msg constantly. Is there a way to solve this? My Tor is v3 and my computer time is updated.

I suppose you are already running the latest 1.8.0 version?
In case the problem wasn’t solved already, you might want to come to bisq.chat to contact support and send your bisq.log file, so our tech agent can take a look at it.

Yes it’s 1.8.0. But the problem isn’t solved.
Thank you.

good idea to get on our matrix space then, so we can hook you up with tech support

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