Warning message

Got this message when trying to buy:

An error occurred at task: ProcessOfferAvailabilityResponse
Take offer attempt rejected because of: OFFER_TAKEN

So I guess the offer was withdrawn just before I submitted to buy? … error message could be tidied up a little.

I can see the offer under Market > Trades… but I don’t think it went through, so I guess that’s just the offer when it was available (not an actual trade).

Thx for reporting, I stumbled upon the issue as well. It seems that on some rare occasions offers remain at the offer book after either removed or taken. A restart of the app fixed it for me.

That can happen if another peer has taken the offer and either the “take offer” process is not finished yet (the handshake can take a few seconds) or if you have not yet receiced the offer remove mesage from the P2P network, which can take also several seconds until it is propagated in the whole network.