Warning to buyers: Cash deposits to at BoA require depositor to have account with BoA!

(For U.S.) If you are making a cash deposit at BoA, you MUST have a BoA bank account to do so!
Sellers should disclose this requirement info in Sales “rules”.

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@Alfsbs, this is another case for the kind of knowledge base I suggested yesterday in https://github.com/bisq-network/compensation/issues/62#issuecomment-387342699.

Along with the revolut.adoc page that I discussed in that comment, we could have a cash-deposit.adoc as well, that would call out special cases like this one. We could perhaps even do bank-specific pages, but let’s see if that makes sense over time.

For really important stuff, we should get messages into the app as well, but the knowledge base can be updated at any time, by anyone (via a PR), so it can be maximally up to date. And if we start linking to these pages at the right places in the app, then makers and takers will have the ability to catch up with the latest information.

Thanks, @Noah for the heads-up.

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Yup, I got surprised by this requirement on a trade also. My buyer tried to deposit but got denied because he wasn’t a BofA accountholder. Ugh. I had no idea. We managed to make contact and work around it with another payment method (we both had Cash App) but it’s a bummer the buyer had to waste his time trying to make a deposit to my bank account but get told “nope”.

F banks.

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Included a cash_deposit.adoc in https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq-docs, and also the discussed revolut.adoc proposal


I did the same thing, reached out to the trading partner and agreed to use Cash App. No issues.
Depositing cash in US bank today is more difficult than bartering with goats in Roman times.


Banks at one of the worst industry the planet has ever seen


@Alfsbs, I just noticed this comment now, and I was surprised that I hadn’t seen any notifications in GitHub about the submission of these two docs. On investigation, I see that you did indeed created branches for each doc in your alfsbs/bisq-docs fork, but that you never actually submitted them as pull requests to the main bisq-network/bisq-docs fork. Could you please do that now, and then they’ll be in the queue for review. Thanks.

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Thanks for the heads up!

BOA is worst bank ever. Don’t ever use these mofo’s.

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I got a letter from Wells Fargo, any cash deposits must show a proof of identity.

List of banks (to my knowledge), who require a buyer and seller to have accounts at the SAME bank to deposit cash.

  • Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • Citi