Was it a scam? (Revolut payment method)


Today I faced a strange situation.
I was maker (EUR Revolut / BTC) and some taker took my trade. But he did not paid to me a long time (may be 3-4 hours)
He told to me (in chat) that my phone number is not valid. But it’s valid - i know.

After he wrote to me that he will write in Revolut support. After an hour may be i get payment with empty noticing. The amount was equal. I approved this trade (my account can sign takers). I read docs that i should check phone number but Revolut didn’t show to me phone number - only first & last name. I checked notice field - it was empty. But i found phone in Revolut statement for this payment and phone was other (other country). But when i found number i already approved trade.

I now only care about why the sender’s number was completely different than that indicated in the invoice of the transaction. I thought that there could be fraud when a fraudster creates two cross-deals on the same amount, but he writes his Revolut account with my Revolut phone.

Another Bitcoin buyer encounters a second deal and sends “him” to “my” details. But Bitcoin does not receive from him. True, the new protocol does not have arbiters and the bitcoins of the fraudster in the second transaction will leave after 20 days at the donation address.

Who is experienced in transactions - help to figure out on the basis of your experience. Was it a scam? I am only worried that someone sent funds to my address, but did not receive bitcoin, and may complain about being fraud in order to return the funds.

I am ashamed to say, but I was inattentive, looking at the payment statement. There is no sender number - there is a number “Report Lost or Stolen Card”. I thought that it’s number of sender. So my post can be deleted as junk :wink: