We need support for new payment methods

We want to add a bunch of new payment methods for the upcoming 0.6.6 release and would need help from users who have experience with those or help us investigating.

  • Cashapp (Square)
  • Venmo
  • Popmoney
  • Moneybeam
  • Uphold
  • Revolut
  • Halcash

Further we want to know if it is safe to expand the nr. of supported banks for Zelle as well to check if ACH in US has really high chargeback risk and if so if there is a way to enforce WIRE transfer instead of ACH.

Here are the issues in Github:

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Hello Manfred

Although this message is not related to payment methods I do think you will find it enticing. My name is Michael Brown. I am a founder of the blockchain technology company Quar.Market. We have developed a working protocol that enables cross chain trading. We are interested in leasing this protocol to your exchange. We would love to set up a conference call to discuss this proposal. I am writing you here because I could find no other way to reach you. I can be reached at any to the methods below.


Whats app- +7 93 93 37 40 25

Telegram- @mishkastan

Skype mishkastan

Telephone- +7 93 93 37 40 25

You can contact the team on Slack as well https://bisq.network/slack-invite
But I have doubts that your proposal can fit into this decentralized open source project.

Unless this protocol is open source, there is no real way to add it to Bisq without compromising the open source nature of Bisq.

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