We need to remove GRIN

Thanks all for the replies. I am a big supporter as well and its a pity that we had to remove it.

But as far I heard there have been just too many problems (both users said they do all correct - e.g. listening - but transfer did only work after many attempts). What @grinner said is also confirmed by arbitrators and we had one case where a user lost 0.5 BTC because he thought the GRIN was received and the arbitrator closed the case but the transfer was canceled afterwards. If the finality is not guaranteed I think Grin has a major problem beside the usability problems (not sure if the finality problem is pure blockchain confirmation issues but at least it causes much confusion for users). Beside that as far I know there is still no validation tool where the sender can proof the transfer which could lead to un-resolvable dispute cases.

I hope the Grin developers get all those issues resolved soon and once we see that the validation tool is in place and we get the impression that the transfer of GRIN is guaranteed to work reliable we will add it again.

Atm it is just too much effort if nearly each trade needs the arbitrators as coordinator between the traders. That extra effort is by far not covered by the trade fee and beside that, the risk of making a wrong payout (as it happened) is adding higher risk exposure to the arbitrators.

Beside all those problems the arbitrators saw many “future trades” (where the buyer does not make the payment and prefers to lose his security deposit if the price is moving against his favor). That leads to bad user experience with Bisq for the other trader as he feels betrayed. We will work on improvements to increase the buyer security deposit to reflect the volatility risk.

As such an unfair behaviour results in damages not only for the other trader but for Bisq as well we prefer to keep such type of traders away from Bisq - usually Bisq traders are exceptionally honest and those “future trades” are rarely an issue with other coins (beside BTC Rhodium, which suffers the same issue due high volatility).