We need to remove GRIN

I am wondering how did Grin end up on Bisq in 2019 and what would be needed to get it back there?

I think it was the case that mediators where unable to verify if a transaction had taken place.

Is there something similar to a ‘secret key’ for XMR that can be used to verify a GRIN transaction?

Check this out: Review GRIN listing on Bisq · Issue #205 · bisq-network/growth · GitHub

There might be a turn around: Review GRIN listing on Bisq · Issue #205 · bisq-network/growth · GitHub

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Thanks for pointing out to this development, it looks promising. I would love to see Grin back on Bisq, it seems like a good match.

Thanks is there a website for the verification on a website similar to how it works for XMR eg:



I’d like to provide some assistance in the spirit of finalizing an efficient working GRiN integration protocol . I’d like to thank the BISQ developers and community for their intial support of the GRiN- I think it’s clear the vision of using a decentralized exchange for a cryptography project focused on a pure currency ethos with fair distribution was and still is an outcome worth pursuing.

Since the initial de-listing GRiN has experienced tremendous change- with specific focus on creating tools to assist exchanges and pools. As it is my understanding; the hurdle to a trouble-free BISQ p2p experience was the inability of mediators to confirm transactions. This has been addressed by GRiN developers by way of payment-proof integration into the core rustlang grin-wallet. Also there has since been api development that may be used to confirm transactions by way of GrinNode Live

I have bumped the technical discussion on the GRiN forum - we can also organize resources for assistance