We still need to try hard to get the word out

I dont think he gets what bitsquare is exactly :slight_smile:
Sounds like he thought it was just another altcoin trade platform perhaps? totally fobbed it off…Its an onramp for cash to btc.

oh this is a worry. keep watching and it seems monero view keys are not in his purview either?
edit: for the record i like tone. he is partly to blame for me to get a node running. (not BU)

More adequate reviews needed, more media hype and similar


Yes please help us. We have not enough resources to spread the word. We need to support of the community!

Maybe we should print some fliers and put them up around locally. Shouldn’t cost much at all and would help us all in getting more good offers in the local currency. Maybe we can design some of them together tho, so that everybody can just easily print them. It is probably very limited to just advertise to people who are already in bitcoin ecosystem, but even in that regard as I understand people’s knowledge about it is very limited.