WeChat pay

I recommend WeChat pay.


WeChat / Weixin is one of the most frequently used social apps & payment systems in China.

Note that when the app is installed outside China, the wallet feature may be absent, although “WeChat is aggressively trying to expand outside China.”

Within China, the wallet can link with a user’s bank card. The wechat wallet features many useful integrations with third party apps and services.

There is also a NEM mini program available which is effectively a NEM wallet within WeChat.

It is very important for Bisq that the chargeback risk is low for payment methods.
Any information on that?

WeChat is already added for upcoming release.


Super, that’s great to hear

Awesome to hear that bisq can support both alipay and weixin/wetchat.

My international version of alipay or wetchat do not link to Chinese bank and can not be used here.
However I do know lots of Chinese living in USA travelling a lot to China or vice versa have real wetchat/alipay enabled for rmb Yuan payment and this is great to hear bisq potential usage in China and abroad.

I think Chinese alipay or wetchat is better suited for bisq/bitcoin because my impression in China experience that chargeback rarely happen in China. The bank in China mostly freeze bank account for certain days and then unfreeze. The situation in U.S for lots of stuff like paypal is notorious for chargeback. I am amazed and surprised that there are so many USD fiat transactions in bisq so far.

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