Weird prices

I’ve noticed that for the past day or two the Bisq bitcoin prices have been weird.

For example, right now (13:17 CET) I am seeing:

BTC/EUR: 5570.13
BTC/GBP: 4955.88

These are not close to the same price! 4955 GBP is the equivalent of 5656 Euro at the current exchange rate.

Also, these are not the prices from bitcoinaverage. Those are:

BTC/EUR: 5648.38
BTC/GBP: 4951.71

The BTC/EUR price seems off by a nearly 2%.

Another observation is that the BTC/EUR price is changing very slowly. A few minutes later, we have:

BTC/EUR: 5570.22
BTC/GBP: 4953.83

I have been trading here on and off for several years and don’t recall seeing this before.

If you go on and look at the
Global Price versus Currency Markets
you’ll see the exact same difference.
Bisq uses the Currency Markets price.

You’re right. Thank you.

Global price in BTC Average is calculated from USD and converted to local currency. We use local price where appropiate as that reflects more the real price in that currency. E.g. EUR price is composed from major EUR exchanges… The global price can often be different to local prices. Arbitrage trading in BTC to lower those differences is still under-developed.

Prices are updated every minute. When hoovering over the price you see the latest update.

That makes sense. Thanks for the response.