Western Union in the same country Only?

I’ve tried to open an offer to buy BTC with USD from my local country, Colombia. I tougth i could send Western Union payments from around the world, but seems that this offer can only be picked up from people in my same country, is that so??? Is there a way to change it so anyone around the world can pick it up?

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I don’t think that’s the case, what made you think that? You should be able to select Wetern Union - Americas - Colombia (CO) - US Dollar (USD) and fill in the rest.

when making the offer, it states that the taker can only be from colombia. i totally dont get it.

That’s odd I don’t know if it’s enforced. It doesn’t makes sense to.

I Agree… doesnt make sense at all!!! western union is for international transfers and dooesnt have chargebacks !!!

I went ahead and create an issue. I don’t think that term would be enforced.

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thanks man… im still baffled as the why for such restriction