Western union/moneygram as payment option

Hey all.

Was wonder if we can have western union and moneygram cash in store option. chargeback almost impossible and receipt as proof easily to obtain.

Thanks in advance.

As these work like cash deposit, I think WU and MG could be added in a similar way. We didn’t really consider them due to very high fees. What makes you think people would use it?

Thanks for prompt answer. Fees are not important. WU / MG is global so therefore anyone can buy from me bitcoins using this method.
If buyer is happy to pay premium why not? if we limit ourselves to only bank transfers/deposits that will be pointless.

If cash in store is used, chargeback is 0% possible. So i would vote for this to be added.

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I see. You seem to have some experience with WU/MG. It would be great if you could help me figure this out.

What is the mandatory information (text fields) to send and receive money via WU and MG?

A buyer needs to be able to prove he sent the fiat money. Would it be possible in both cases to tear a paper receipt into 4 pieces and take a picture of it?

I did a short google search and instantly found a WU fake receipt generator. I gues that would be a problem.

What do you think?

With WU:

For seller :

2. surname
3. country
4. currency (sometimes country can pay in 2/3 different ones within same country)

For buyer seller providing:

5. amount in chosen currency.

Proof for sender: photo of paper receipt with custom note or even ID
For receiver: Again photo of receipt with all details visible.
Also: WU allows to check online if transfer is ready to be picked up/ waiting/ or picked up by receiver. So not that easy to scam.

For moneygram same rule apply:

Both buyer/seller must provide name surname , country, and currency.
On both ends ID is needed so not that easy to scam neither. Paper receipts and online check possible.

Hope that helps. I was doing a lot WU on localbitcoins and never been scammed even once. Fingers crossed of course.

To be honest i think even simple feedback system would help a lot in both cases. as of now without ranking or feedback system in place there is huge chance someone might scam.

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Wow, thanks a ton.

Looking good.

I’ll do some more research and will talk to Manfred about adding. Might even be in the next release.

Thanks again!

Well, we still waitign for WU on Bisq. I live in Ecuador and here WU is very common.

Please add WU and MG. Thank you