Western Union

I’m new to this platform and I’ve setup bisq with a western union account. There are no more bitcoin ATM’s in this part of the country, they have all been removed. I went to four listed locations yesterday and the only one with a machine still present was vandalised.

Seeing western union is a payment method for which there can be no chargebacks can anyone help me start trading without depositing the .01 btc upfront fee ???


I’d be willing to send it to you if you PM me a screenshot of the existing offer on Bisq that you’re taking. I’d be more comfortable funding that transaction for you.
Besides if you need this loan I assume you don’t have bitcoins and you’re buying. If you’re buying you don’t need to worry about charge backs as you’ll be the one sending the fiat. So any bank transfer, cash deposit, SEPA is very reliable.

We can discuss more terms and conditions on PM.