What about a Wikipedia page?

Does anyone have a login and a little experience in writing and putting some screenshots there?

I did not had time yet to look into the wiki functionality. To have a kind of simple user giuide with screenshots in a bit of text might be useful.
If anyone can create the content I can ask Aleix to setup the wiki and add the content.

also depends a little on the plans to change the UI. but anyway would be updated quickly.

did anyone here register the user ‘Bitsquare’ on localbitcoins? Seems to be taken … :wink:

Me not. But funny squat :slight_smile:

Hi all - I have added Bitsquare to

and started the article under /wiki/Bitsquare

I’m not much of a writer so maybe someone else could continue editing

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Great! Will get back to that in about two weeks …

Great thanks for the Wiki entry!