What do you want to see on Bisq in 2019?

We would like to get user feedback on what they want to see on Bisq in 2019?

All ideas are welcome. We can discuss popular ideas on tomorrow’s growth call that everyone is free to join.

Please post your feedback here or on GitHub following the link above.


I would like to see a centralized onboarding ramp such as Shapeshift.io that executes the trades on the exchange in the backend. It would be a massive source of funding and liquidity, and allows people to take advantage of the easy transactions in the same trusted manner they are already, while also helping Bisq.

Some more people are throwing their ideas on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/ac9785/what_do_you_want_to_see_in_bisq_for_2019/

Devs are only reading reddit very episodically.
Peoples who want to throw efficiently their ideas about Bisq should best use the github https://github.com/bisq-network , open issues or make PR.

According to the new Trading protocol described here

a new in-app messaging system will be introduced.

However such a system won’t solve the problem that the seller may forget the trade and so forget to release the coins after he has received the money. With this in-app messaging system it would not be possible for the buyer to notify the seller that he has to release the Bitcoins if the seller does not start the Bisq application after he has taken the trade and the money has already been sent to him. Such a case really shouldn’t take the long way through the new Bisq DAO resolution process.

To mitigate this problem a notification mechanism out of the Bisq system would be helpful. A simple solution would be the possibility to add a contact information (e-mail address) in Bisq that will be revealed if the trade has expired. A more complex solution that will protect privacy would be that this message is sent through the Bisq application itself including PGP encryption etc.

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Please could we have a feature which shows the Maximum BTC that can be traded based on the user’s current Bisq wallet balance. I find myself constantly guessing how much I need to allow for trading fees etc. I keep having to cancel and restart. And I don’t want to make another transaction to make up small differences and create more dust. I just want to use what is in there without having to guess and use trial and error.

Thanks guys and great job!

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Devs are only reading here episodically.
Best for your idea is to use the github https://github.com/bisq-network , open issues or make PR.

i can obviously read… https://docs.bisq.network/exchange/howto/add-alternative-base-currency.html

However, it would be nice to see a regular (monthly) community vote for 3-5 new altcoins/month and easier on-ramp.

Specifically, trading of altcoin: LOKI

More scam “trittbrett driver” crypto ?
No thanks.

Including a https://tox.chat/ lib for a chat may be a good way for adding anonymous P2P chatting.

This document is rather outdated and does not correspond to Bisq’s mid-term long-term plans.
Bisq targets to be free from any base currency, and so will probably not add new ones.

95% of new altcoins got very few trades, often 0. So the listing work ROI is ~0.
Bisq devs have already enough to do with higher priority tasks.
If a community wants to have an altcoin listed, the best is:

  • to find somebody to do the job.
  • to do the efforts necessary to insure that real trading will follow

How would you see that done ? (technically)

The TOX core lib allow you to “outsource” a secure anonymous P2P chat functionality.
File transfer, audio, video optional.
The TOX core https://github.com/toktok/c-toxcore can be started on demand.
I.e. when a Bisq offer is taken. A TOX chat group out of Maker, Taker and optional Arbitrator can be temporary build and used for communication.

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How about automatically returning coins if Arbitration is not completed in 30 days?

Make Bisq super easy for small coin to coin trades?

So simple that a college kid with a hangover can download Bisq and complete the first trade in 5 minutes. Save the pop ups and disclaimers for later and larger amounts. Let newbies have fun with tiny amounts. Are one click trades possible? BUY NOW

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Small suggestion to further increase privacy: Would it be possible to have a custom setting in the preferences under the Bitcoin Block Explorer options so that I might point Bisq to my own btc-rpc-explorer running on my own node to check on transactions and confirmations? As it is, it looks like I must choose among the common 3rd party block explorer sites. If Bisq can use my own btc node (which it is now), then it would further enhance privacy to use my own btc explorer which is gathering data from that same node.

Also, let me add how much I appreciate the Bisq project and what you are all doing. As we all watch so many decentralized exchanges seek sudden scale at the expense of privacy and security, Bisq is steadily and quietly living up to the ideal of a decentralized, secure and private exchange with decentralized governance (no small feat). Congrats to you all and keep up the good work. Bisq is that small pebble dropped in the ocean whose waves will eventually wash up on all shores of the world.


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