What exactly can I do with the new Bisq API?

As I understand it, Bisq doesn’t support any other currency in itself besides Bitcoin and BSQ.

If I wanted to use the Bisq API to start auto-trading all day, would I have to do it between BTC and BSQ? And does it use some kind of Lightning Network thing so there are no/minimal transaction fees for these fully automated trades?

Surely it’s meaningless to auto-buy Bitcoin for fiat since that cannot be automated? Or is this based on the idea that you first “deposit” tokens somehow which you then trade with?

I struggle to get a general idea of what this API is intended for. I’ve so far only used Bisq to buy Bitcoin for Euros, from the GUI. I just want to make money somehow, and if I can write some kind of clever code to use Bisq to make me money automatically, that’s like a dream come true.

Hi! at the moment Bisq support a variety of coins, you could see the pairs here :

it’s not possible to auto trade on bisq, people have to accept and verify the offer before accept those trade prices and payments.

With the API you could use Bisq on mobile phone

But isn’t that the point of an API? To automate things? Now I’m even more confused… And what do you mean about mobile?

there a lot of feature that will be announce soon. But it will be possible to lunch Bisq with apk on phone.