What going on with percentage?

I’m getting warnings there is no price feed? and can’t take an offer.

Is this going to be fixed?

This might be due to loss of connections to price nodes over Tor network.
As far as I know, Tor network has been experiencing high traffic recently and connections are often unstable.

I am not sure it there is much we could do here if that is the case, but perhaps devs have some idea for the future release. We will have to wait and see, but maybe Tor will recover on it’s own, if this problem is due to high traffic.

Please try to restart if that happens. We will deploy very soon a new release which fixes those issues. The Tor network is under heavy load/attack and causes that connections to the price relay nodes fail more often as usual. With the new release there is a better handling of such.

https://getkovri.org/ FTW

a restart did fix it thanks,

Do you have experience with I2P or Kovri? As far I know it used more hops and thus would be even slower than Tor.

Sorry no experience with Kovri, but it’s good enough for Monero :wink:

They might have other use case as we have.