What happens if bitcoinavearage service goes down?


I see bitsquare use bitcoinavearage service api to provide fiat market price. What happens if this service goes down temporarily or permanent?
How bitsquare deal with it?

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Yes that is an open issue, though it would only affect the offers using % based price.
We should add several price feed providers. But then the calculation of the price used get more tricky (there might be somr of those offline…). So its not that trivial…

BitSquare could calculate an average of those averages. When one or two of these services go offline it could then still maintain a workable and reliable number.

Yes something like that is planned. Though the complexity is that both users need to have the similar view (within a min. tolerance range as it can never be 100% synced in a P2P system). So if user A gets 3 providers and makes its average and user B has only connection to 2 providers then you get a different result. But the probability that the provider is not reachable to all users is high and therefore that problem should be not too critical to solve.