What happens if buyer pays at last minute and trade period ends before seller can confirm payment receipt?

I’m fed up with BTC buyers that pays at last minute, like 5 or 3 minutes before end of trade period.
I just have those 3 or 5 minutes (or less) to confirm receipt of payments, which is a bad thing because I want to be able to wait a few conf to confirm receipt.
I guess they are trying to get my security deposit during arbitration step.
Is that phenomenon known to Bisq team, and what would happen if I can’t confirm receipt in time due to extremely late payment?

Unless the other guy opens a dispute, you can take your time (you can always confirm payment receipt even after the deadline has run out).

If a dispute has been opened, only the arbitrator can complete a trade.

Obviously in case of a dispute you can tell the arbitator that he just made the payment 5 minutes ago, and I’m sure the arbitrator will take this into consideration.

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Hi Donacid, and thank you for your reply :grinning:
OK, I didn’t know I could still confirm payment receipt after deadline run out.
Everything is clearer now, next time I will wait to have my conf before confirming payment receipt.

yeah by all means take your time.

Generally when i’m a taker and I can’t pay immediately for reasons like coins in my wallet have to confirm before i can send them out again etc. I add the time it took me to take the payment at the end of the deadline before i open a ticket.

And obviously the other party probably wouldn’t expect you to release the coins immediately if they slacked for at least 23 hrs.

If they raise a ticket immediately after just 5 minutes it should be pretty clear to the arbitrator too, that the other guy might just want to fish for your deposit and won’t punish you (more likely they’d punish them). Also, having an arbitrator completing the trade takes considerably longer than giving the other guy some time to complete it himself.

I’m not sure if you just had bad luck or you’re trading different coins than me, but such things happen for me in less than 1% of all my trades.

I have a small variant today: Buyer claims to start payment 5 hours before end, but don’t pay.
Still 90 minutes to go

14 minutes until deadline, still no payment at all
I really felt it coming that time :roll_eyes:

you can block those guys after the trade is done.

just do it after everything is resolved. you can do it here:

you can look up their onion address in the trade details.

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OK, I will do that when I’m done with arbitration.
Thanks for your kind help donacid :slightly_smiling_face:

no worries mate. stay safe

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