What happens if I send to trade address then go offline?

I’m having a problem due to connectivity issues.

Initially the client was connected fine and I tried to post a trade request.

I went to an external wallet - multibitHD - to make a payment. This didn’t go through because my wallet began experiencing connectivity issues: the transaction is showing in my wallet but hasn’t been seen by the network (doesn’t show n block explorers). Now BitSquare has dropped to 0 peers.

I am worrying because I don’t know if when I do finally get my wallet working it will then send the payment to the trade wallet even though I have now dropped offline. What would happen if it did, would I lose the coins?

Don’t know if I got you right, but never worry if those addresses are yours and your PW is secured.
If payment was finally triggered, you output in Multibit HD will become your input in your bitsquare wallet (minus the fees).

Does that make sense? on- or offline doesn’t matter. Either it goes thru or it stays. there’s no crypto limbo. Follow your transaction on any portal browsing the public ledger.


Ok, I wasn’t sure because its a trade address to directly fund my offer rather than my general deposit address, so I didn’t know if I retained control of that. Thanks for the reassurance.

I wonder if there is a conflict between BitSquare and MultiBit which is making this happen. My connection seems to be dropping in and out on both, but there is no interruption in my actual internet connection.

try to run one at a time and see if the problem remains with either.

I’d already done this actually. I closed Bitsquare and straight away I got peers on Multibit.

Anyway I’ve posted an offer now, but it does seem that my computer finds it difficult to maintain connections to both applications at the same time.

There is no conflict, but i fyou have slow internet it might be a race for bandwidth. Bitsquare does not need much bandwidth but at first start or after a longer pause BitcoinJ is a bit greedy as it need to update the transactions from the blockchain.