What happens if the buyer doesn't pay?

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I just wanted to ask this question here because I can’t really find the answer in the FAQ:

Since 4 days I have a few trades open with the same trading partner. Obviously, this guy speculates on a BTC price increase because he waited until today to confirm that he paid the money. So basically, he just paid (if I receive the money tomorrow) +15% less than the current price. I bet that he wouldn’t have send me the money if the price decreased 15%. Nothing illegal or anything but what would have happened if he just ignores the trade? What happens to the fees I paid for the transactions? Do I get a compensation for locking my BTC for 6 days?

I am not mad or anything because I usually re-buy the same amount of BTC but I am just curious how this works and if it can be exploited.

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Buyer has all the trading period time to proceed for the payment.
If he exceeds the trade period, he can be sanctioned by mediator’s suggestion or arbitration, by losing a part or all of the security deposit that compensates you.

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The trading periode is far too long. There is no reason to make the period a maximum of 24 hours during weekdays, 48 hours during weekends.

Disagree. Some cross-border SEPA transactions (within EU) need more than 48 hours, even during weekdays. But yeah, we should differentiate between weekdays & weekends.