What is the Easiest payment method for US citizens?

Hello, I would just like to know from your experience which payments methods are the easiest and most effective for US citizens to trade here.

I don’t have revolut or OKpay or any other international payment service, and am hoping you can give me some pointers before I waste a whole bunch of time signing up only to find out later that It wont work.

You can always look at the offers in Bisq to see what payment methods other users use in US.

You don’t signup for anything in Bisq, you can just download the app and look at the offers.
If you want to take some offer, you just go to the Accounts in the app and put your payment details.
That is it. No ID verification, no email verification, nothing. Just come and trade :slight_smile:

I have only used Venmo. It works quickly. One case had a bug in the software where the other user couldn’t click the “i sent payment” and I was able to notify him through the venmo chat to restart his bisq, which was helpful for us both.


We are able to serve USA clients (except some states like NY) accepting Debit/Credit, PrePaid Visa/Mastercard and Amazon.com Gift cards.

However i’m not sure how to add such payment methods to Bisq and how person who wants to pay would be able to securely pass the payment instrument information to us.

Maybe Bisq Team can get in contact with us and together we would be able to find a solution.