What is the point of supporing Zelle if your full name is linked to it?

Bisq is a P2P decentralized trading platform for a reason.

You are defeating that reason by using Zelle.

I am still new to Bisq.

Zelle will know that Alice sent Bob a payment of $X, but Zelle will not know that this was a payment for Bitcoin.

All fiat payments really on a central intermediary at some point.

The most privacy protecting payment methods in the US are:

Cash by mail
Face to face

Zelle will know that Alice Do sent Bob Do a payment of $X. The buyer or seller of the crypto will also know so what if federal agents are cracking down on crypto and posing as buyers or sellers? Zelle will show full names.

Cash by mail (they get your mailing or street address)
Face to Face (prepare to get robbed)
USPSMO, same as cash by mail.

Yes if federal agents were posing as buyers or sellers it would be an issue.

With cash by mail and USPMO you are recommend not to use your home address.

There has never been a report of face to face trade ending in theft on Bisq, you should always be careful though.

Do you have any suggestions for better payment methods?

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If I knew of anonymous payment methods I would ask for their adoption but at this time I do not know of any.

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Bisq is noKYC because you will not be asked about your ID and any other data to setup an account and start trading. Bisq has to let traders pay, somehow, and those are the available methods :slight_smile:
But only the other person knows about your payment details, you can avoid trading with the same people and not have someone who knows your every move