What should be removed from source code to exclude arbitrators and add F2F option?

possibly irrational question, but it can be rational if you want to do it.

can you give advice, if you want, what should be removed from source code to exclude arbitrators and what should be added to include F2F cash option? without collecting IPs and locating users automatically, as in the case of localbitcoins. just how to add option F2F without too much philosophy.

I suppose people can take your source code and change software, for example, people can exclude arbitrators, they can add F2F option and call it “bitface”. of course, programmers must do it but I am interested shortly decribed what should be removed and added to gain what I asked above.

Can’t you get into localbitcoins through TOR? I think that’s all you need.
You also have this option to get into mycellium market anonymously.
Or maybe you can create your specialized TOR forum for exchanging bitcoins, if there’s not one already.

As it was said in this post, F2F it’s not a priority now. And I don’t think it will be, unless bank transfers and other non F2F options are not an option anymore.
For bitsquare would be very hard to get some fees for their work. You don’t need an arbitrator for F2F transfers, so what whould you be paying for? I’m quite sure Localbitcoins and Mycellium marketplace could corroborate this.
For users, we already have some very good options if we need to make F2F deals. But trading volumes are very low and prices are so high, because markets are tiny. I’m the only one to make btc trades in a medium sized city, so I don’t have any competitor in my F2F market and I can ask for “any” price. That shouldn’t be a problem in the whole SEPA zone.
In Bitsquare, they’re trying to make something so different to a F2F marketplace that I think it’s not worth the effort to try something that’s more or less already going on.

your answer is what I called “philosophy”, but it’s ok and I will answer in any case.

  1. why there should be only one bitsquare and not its forks? there are many forks of bitcoin, there will be before or later forks of bitsquare. why only one group of developer should decide? they made it open source, but I don’t know how much job should be done to make my version of fork of bitsquare… before or later, somebody will make changed bitsquare… developers can’t stop it, they published the code.

  2. localbitcoin made million rules, there are ordinary users of BTC who don’t want to make deals with speculators/cheaters. their fee is stealing money from the people. I wanted to sell just one btc (without fees, just real value) and localbitcoin answered me: your ad will be visible when you get trust, blah blah. it means if I publish an ad, I can just use the link/URL to send it to my friends. it means you get reputation when you are dirty speculator and you make more accounts at localbitcoin and you order/sell BTC to yourself and make good feedback (for yourself). only naive people trust to the intenet feedback. localbitcoin pushes you to make feedback before you get trusted and then your ad will be visible to the people. it is such cliche to see feedback on many websites, bitcoin exchangers also, 80% of feedback is fake. localbitcoin is worthless for new users and for ordinary users, it is useful only to speculators who exchange 100 000 eur/BTC and steal the money fromt he people in the form of fees.

  3. I could rent a server and make my own forum, I just checked yesterday for open source BTC exchange websites, maybe I will do it, I will have to check more about it. bitcoin-treff.de is also made from wordpress+woocommerce, I could install plugin to delete/remove IPs of users. I would have to make the server/apache to remove IPs and website/wordpress too. in that way even if someone spies my server/website, he will not get anything. I don’t like that server is not in my hands and not under my camera supervision. data centers are business and they collaborate with the Gov. that’s how NSA makes database of all people who use tor, datacenters are not immune, business is always about money and not about human rights.

in any case, I must find developers who will change the code of bitsquare and create its fork that will be good for all people and not only for those using banks. that’s already suspicious from bitsquare developers, they want to create software that is good for the Government. Therefore background of developers should be known, if they worked for booz allen hamilton, y-combinator, and similar spying companies/investors.

yeah it’s really suspicious that bitsquare was developed with 99% of the users in mind /s

what you want is a message board. you have many, starting at the bitcointalk forum, to bitcoin-otc.
sure, you can program one into bitsquare, but if those trades have no fees, there is no incentive for the current developers to devote resources to it.

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There are many Bitcoin clients, not forks. There aren’t Bitcoin forks because Bitcoin’s objectives are pretty clear.

There’s no thing as “real value”, only offerers and takers. They don’t steal money if you accept a trade unless you accept a F2F trade and then they put a gun in your face to get your money.

As you already know, source code is open. If you find any privacy real concern, please post it so we can know and developers will address to it.

Today I knew about another F2F trading option. https://www.qwasap.com/en/index.php It works through teletram, it’s very new so don’t expect liquidity.

Feel free to build whatever you like. But start reading the whitepaper to understand the concept. Then learn programming and implement that (its not just removing a line of code for the arbitrator but you need to implement a UI, design a sound concept, a protocol and think about legal consequences…).

We are not totally opposed to offer F2F one day but we have other priorities atm. There is more then enough work to get the current model fully implemented and improved (like decentr. arbitration system). So one step after the other…

And beside that there was not much demand so far for that.

And funny when you complain about paying fees. Good luck to find devs without offering them any payment…

Actually Manfred, I always wondered if you are independently wealthy. Certainly you can’t be making a living from Bitsquare.

Does that matter at all? People may have several sources of revenue, who cares? Privacy is a thing.
The code is what matters. Whoever disagrees can fork it and try to surpass it.

If you are independent you don’t need to be wealthy :slight_smile:
But saved a bit over the years back when I sold my time for Fiat, so that helps.

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