What should netstat show? Port 9999?

On several different (Linux) operating systems, and several different configurations, I do not show anything running on port 9999 when I run netstat -tupnl.

I do see the port 40063 owned by Bisq when I run Bisq.

And when I test on Whonix, I see the Tor posts 9151, 9150, 9050, etc. owned by init. On Whonix I use the command opt/bisq/bin/Bisq --torControlPort=9051 --torControlPassword=notrequired --socks5ProxyBtcAddress= --useTorForBtc=true

But nowhere do I see port 9999. But the offer shows on port 9999 when I look in my portfolio.

Is this normal?

Can people please share what they see from netstat -tupnl?